[parenscript-devel] Feature request: prefixed names

Henrik Hjelte henrik.hjelte at stix.to
Thu Jun 21 23:03:20 UTC 2007

Here is one that prefers that parenscript is kept much as it is, a simple
sexp syntax form of javascript without lisp features. My ideal parenscript
has these features:
* A simple syntax. You can immediately know what the generated javascript
code looks like. You can code without having to look at the generated code
to trust that it is correct.
* Complete and stable syntax, you can do everything that javascript does.
* Easy to integrate with javascript code and libraries.
* Well tested, supported by automatic tests of all features. This makes it
easy to update the internal workings witout breaking user code. That is the
reason I made the testcode that syncs with the documentation, I don't know
how many use it though...
* Decent performance. Thanks Attila for the latest speedup!
I am very happy with parenscript as it is, as a high quality low level
javascript translator close to my ideal.

But I can agree that sometimes a higher level language would be nice, and I
have also dreamt of all the features mentioned. I am willing to hack on a
new language that is more high level, but then I suggest we have two layers:
Parenscript as it is now (defined by my feature list above and the current
syntax) as the low level language, call it parenscript-one. A new high level
language (parenscript two) that compiles to parenscript one. But I suggest a
clear division between the layers.

Not everyone may want to use parenscript two for numerous reasons, but they
can use and contribute to parenscript one. And some ideas by parenscript two
people goes into parenscript one (such as compacting whitespace in the
generated javascript).  In fact, even Vladimirs idea to generate lisp code
that generates javascript instead of direct strings might go into
parenscript one, anything that doesn't change the syntax of the language.

Lispers are a scarce resource and it is good if we can make all contribute
to the same project. I think the current definition of parenscript as a
direct sexp syntax of javascript is the lowest common denominator of
everyones goals. But once you start to make something higher level peoples
taste and needs will be more different. If you are tied to one of the big
javascript frameworks you might be forced to use their implementation of
objects. Or you might want to implement CLOS in javascript, as Red Daly
does. Or have yet another homemade object implementation, as I currently
have. Some want continuations, some don't care. We should do our best to
make it possible to pick the features every need. But everyone needs a basic
sexp syntax of javascript to build upon.

Summary: Thumb up for a nice high level language, but keep a low level
language as well.

/Henrik Hjelte
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