[parenscript-devel] Feature request: prefixed names

John Fremlin not at just.any.name
Sat Jun 23 10:36:33 UTC 2007

"Henrik Hjelte" <henrik.hjelte at stix.to> writes:

> But I can agree that sometimes a higher level language would be
> nice, and I have also dreamt of all the features mentioned. I am
> willing to hack on a new language that is more high level, but then
> I suggest we have two layers: Parenscript as it is now (defined by
> my feature list above and the current syntax) as the low level
> language, call it parenscript-one. A new high level language
> (parenscript two) that compiles to parenscript one. But I suggest a
> clear division between the layers.

My idea was to try to make sure that any extra features added did not
impact on usage of plain parenscript-one in any way (except perhaps to
optimise the code generated without semantic changes), unless the
extra features were actually used.

It is a good point that this idea is probably quite optimistic in
practice, and a clear way of being able to emit only parenscript-one
should definitely be kept.


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