Maybe another glitch

Paul Bowyer pbowyer at
Sat Feb 1 01:37:51 UTC 2014

On 01/31/2014 03:15 PM, João Távora wrote:
> Paul Bowyer <pbowyer at> writes:
>> Hi João,
>> I found a solution to the columnized text in the slime.html file.
>> Rather than using:
>> texi2html $<
>> in the make file, I used:
>> makeinfo --html --no-split $<
>> which works just as well, but without the single-columned text.
> The thing is, I can't see the single-columned text in my slime.html file
> that I build with "cd doc && make slime.html". Maybe I don't understand
> what you mean by "single-columned"...
I've been doing some more checking and the problem may be due to khtml 
in konqueror. When I open it in Firefox, I do not get the 
single-columned text. Firefox is the default html viewer for dolphin but 
khtml is used for konqueror unless webkit is offered, which I don't see 
on my system.

Since it turns out that the problem may not be related to texi2html 
maybe it's best to leave things as they are unless other users 
experience similar problems.

I choose to use konqueror as the default file-manager rather than 
dolphin because I like the ability to view many different file types 
which dolphin does not have.
> Can you maybe post a screenshot of what you see as single-columned text?
> To
I'm attaching a single-column1.png to show what the original makefile 
produces and single-column2.png to show what the modified makefile 
produces when I view them in konqueror using khtml.
> My texi2html is also version 1.82.
> On the other hand, and while I do find the texi2html output a little bit
> more readable and navigable (more line breaks and navigation options), I
> don't object to using your makeinfo line if the former technique shows
> breakage. So if you can point it out and noone objects I'll commit that
> change soon.
>> By the way, slime-mrepl seems to be usable for my purposes. At first I
>> thought it wasn't working until I stopped redirecting all the output
>> to the main repl. then it started responding properly.
> Great!

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