Maybe another glitch

Paul Bowyer pbowyer at
Mon Feb 3 03:01:16 UTC 2014

Hi João,

Referring to my last message where I wrote:
I've been doing some more checking and the problem may be due to khtml
in konqueror. When I open it in Firefox, I do not get the
single-columned text. Firefox is the default html viewer for dolphin but
khtml is used for konqueror unless webkit is offered, which I don't see
on my system.

I did some more searching and finally looked on the Linux Mint forums where I came across a post that mentioned kpart-webkit. I searched for that package in my package manager and it turned up, so I installed it. Once that was done I rebuilt the slime documentation using the original makefile and it looked normal with webkit as opposed to the single-columned appearance that showed up with khtml.

Sorry I wasn't able to find webkit before I made all the ruckus about the makefile fix. If anyone else happens to mention this particular problem, you'll be able to suggest a couple of solutions though.  :-)

Paul Bowyer

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