slime-repl.el and slime-presentations.el contrib fixes

João Távora joaotavora at
Mon Feb 3 10:17:16 UTC 2014

joaotavora at (João Távora) writes:

>> Hi,
>> If noone opposes, I'd like to push the commits in postscript to slime
>> master. They target the slime-repl.el and slime-presentations.el
>> contribs only, but the topmost one might be worthy of some more

Noone objected so I pushed these commits. To summarize:

* M-RET on a frame-local var in the SLDB buffer should copy down the
  varaible to the REPL (with or without slime-presentations.el). The *,
  + and / variables should be set accordingly, regardless of the thread
  that originated the SLDB.

* The slime-presentations.el option "Copy to REPL" (available in the
  right click menu) should now also work with any presentation.

Let me know if you find any problems,

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