how to setup emacs to auto-load slime and other stuff

Luís Oliveira luismbo at
Wed Feb 5 14:45:27 UTC 2014

On Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 2:19 PM, Chintan Pathak <chintan.pathak at> wrote:
> I have installed SLIME through quicklisp-slime-helper and made changes to the
> .emacs.d/init.el file so, that when I do M-x slime in emacs, it brings the
> CL-USER REPL in emacs.
> I want to know how I can associate this keychord, so that if I execute emacs
> from command line in a certain way, then it directly goes to the CL-USER
> prompt.

This should do what you want:

    emacs --eval "(slime)"


Luís Oliveira

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