Quesstion about Alt-. navigation to function definitions

Christophe Rhodes csr21 at cantab.net
Wed Oct 30 16:35:13 UTC 2013

Jeff Cunningham <jeffrey at jkcunningham.com> writes:

> On 10/30/2013 01:24 AM, Christophe Rhodes wrote:
>> On the assumption that you have cl-ppcre relatively easily to hand, what
>> does
>>    (describe 'cl-ppcre:regex-apropos)
>> say after you have loaded cl-ppcre through quicklisp?  (If you don't
>> have cl-ppcre, substitute your favourite simple "utility")
> Here's what it says:
> FTIS-V43> (describe 'cl-ppcre:regex-apropos)
>   [...]
>   Source file: /home/jcunningham/qigj/test-model.lisp

Say, what?  regex-apropos is defined in cl-ppcre/api.lisp, at least in
my copy.  Can you come up with any idea why this might happen?  (I do
not have any idea what qigj is, nor what might be inside



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