slime-sexp-at-point in slime-repl buffers

Marco Baringer mb at
Fri May 10 17:48:56 UTC 2013

Stas Boukarev <stassats at> writes:

> It's not apparent when reading the code that it may be redefined
> somewhere else at some other time. 

I don't really think it should be (when reading slime.el), i don't see
why the normal slime-inspect function has to have an extra layer of
indirection that only the repl code would ever need to use (if there
were other places in the code using this variable i would have a
different opinion, but there aren't, and i can't see any that would make
use of this).

It should of course be apparent when reading the slime-repl.el, but then
it is, and the use of defadvice makes it stand out more as a "warning!
monkey patching here!" (which it is) rather than just a "oh nothing
major, just tweaking a hook" (which it is not).

I see it as an exception to the normal code flow that only applies in
certain cases when the slime-repl contrib is loaded, defadvice is the
most natural way to express that.

> Slime uses variables for cases like this, see
> `slime-find-buffer-package-function', for example.

yeah, i saw that, and i'm aware of that idiom in slime's code (and in
elisp in general). for something like slime-find-buffer-package i can
totally see various modes/contribs/languages having different concepts
of what a package is and how to find it and wanting to customize that
behaviour, that seems like a good hook to have (i have the same opinion
about slime-complete-symbol-function and
slime-popup-buffer-quit-function), i do not feel the same way about
changing slime-sexp-at-point (a sexp is a very well defined thing, you
shouldn't be messing with it unless something really weird, like a repl
prompt, is going on).

anyway, that's already way too many words, i don't want to have a long
drawn out back and forth about it; i will introduce a
slime-sexp-at-point-function variable and i'll rewrite the patch to use


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