[slime-devel] New wire format

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Tue Nov 8 08:21:25 UTC 2011

* Antony Sequeira [2011-11-08 06:51] writes:

> My 2c
> I do not claim any of this to be scientific opinion or backed by any data.
> I do not yet have any lisp stuff in production (as in web servers). The day I
> do. I'd like to be confident that I can troubleshoot slime connectivity
> issues if there are any (I don't yet know how that setup is going to be). I
> use slime, but in dev I don't care much about slime connectivity issues.

See that's the problem with imaginary problems: we need to solve them
too in particular the irrational ones.  I'm giving up.  I'll juts change
the header back.


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