[slime-devel] New wire format

Antony Sequeira antony.sequeira at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 06:51:08 UTC 2011

My 2c

I do not claim any of this to be scientific opinion or backed by any data.

I do not yet have any lisp stuff in production (as in web servers). The day
I do. I'd like to be confident that I can troubleshoot slime connectivity
issues if there are any (I don't yet know how that setup is going to be). I
use slime, but in dev I don't care much about slime connectivity issues.

To this day I still find the ability to do  a simple telnet to execute http
very useful. It takes away all of client side issues. This is point  #1

If all of slime is turned binary and serves the purpose of performance,
then that's ok. Doing only a header in binary for performance seems
dubious. This is point #2.

My opinion (again) is that
a. http, html, javascript, css are all crappy (in the sense they did not
take into account the accumulated knowledge at the point of their design or
lack thereof)
b. they are all enormously successful (for some measure of success for
whatever related and/or disjoint reasons)
c. they are (or were) all purely text based

I think #c has a lot to do with #b (don't ask for proof cause I have none)
even though it's not the only reason. This is point #3.

An unrelated point - I saw somewhere a mention of fixed versus variable
length as if that has anything to do with text versus binary. Those are
orthogonal. The point may be that 4 bytes of binary gets 4bn versus that
requiring maybe 10 or 11 bytes in utf8 if it were fixed length.

I only lurk on the slime list. I don't contribute to the code or the
discussion (due to priorities, laziness, and incompetence). I  am writing
this cause I am afraid this is the wrong decision.

As I said all of the above is unscientific, but i hope it is considered.

Thanks for reading
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