[slime-devel] Restart Numbering

Madhu enometh at meer.net
Mon Oct 26 16:38:13 UTC 2009

The assumption I did make is that users WILL WANT to invoke innermost
restarts more often, and so numbers should be from 0 outwards.  I
assumed If someone is going to the trouble of wrapping an errorable form
in a restart-case, they expect you will want to call _those_ restarts
more than someone lower in the call chain. (i.e. someone wrapping a call
at a bigger number in the stack backtrace), since this is what error
recovery is all about.

I'm just going to quibble below:

* Levente Mészáros
Wrote on Mon, 26 Oct 2009 12:11:38 +0100:

|> If you read carefully upthread I've stated in this thread is MY
|> experience and MY usage scenario, which I have been carefully
|> qualified.  What makes you think I've extrapolated anything?

| Do you mean this?
| "Even then, the motivation is both bogus and wrong and the design goes
| against basic debugger sense which ALL implementations have
| implemented!"

Apart from the motivation part which was `attitude', I was stating a
fact I knew: Slime's new behaviour numbered the restarts in an order
that is the reverse of how it is done in every Common Lisp
implementation that I've seen so far.  Is there a lisp implementation
that doses it the other way?

| or this?
| "No, I think this is a general design consideration for all those
| implementations."

This has to do with the fact as before. ALL debugger environments I'VE
SEEN SO FAR have done it that way, and I saw good reasons for doing it
that way.  I thought explained the reasons, without extrapolating!  (the
numbering matches the contours, inner restarts, growing downwards)

| maybe this?
| "If you had tried the old way instead of rewriting it, you would have
| liked that too, AND not screwed all other usages."

This was a snide remark to tcr.  But isnt it trivially true?  In
reversing the numbering of restarts you have screwed everybody who
counts on the innermost restarts getting a 0 number.

|> Tobias seems to recognize that the others usage scenarios are results of
|> miscoding/not understanding how restart contours work.
| It is not only impractical to do what you suggest even within a single
| library, but try to do this cross library!

I agree that a new variable is the best way to go. Good luck getting
helmut to agree though!  
-- Madhu

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