[slime-devel] Some xemacs issues/fixes

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Sun Aug 16 19:24:25 UTC 2009

* Raymond Toy [2009-08-15 21:16+0200] writes:

> Helmut Eller wrote:
>> I there an easy way to build XEmacs from source?  I mean a way that
>> doesn't require me to mess around with the f'ing package system and that
>> makes the .el files accessible?
> I grab the source tarball, then grab the xemacs-sumo packages tarball
> and the xemacs-mule-sumo packages tarball (if you enable mule/unicode).
>  Pick a directory where you want to install the xemacs binary, and
> extract the sumo tarballs in lib/xemacs.  I never play around with the
> package system.

The sumo tarballs don't contain the source, AFAICT.

> Are there no binaries for your platform?

At least in Debian stable is only 21.4 (without source).

Don't you miss the source?  In Emacs C-h f displays the source file as a
clickable link and I couldn't live without that.

>> I'll disable slime-autodoc for XEmacs as it is based and eldoc and the
>> eldoc in XEmacs is from 2003 which doesn't have the hooks needed for
>> slime-autodoc.
> Ok, but I hope that doesn't disable the display to slime-typeout.  If it
> does, I'll sorely miss that feature.

No that doesn't disable slime-typeout.  But yes, slime-autodoc would be
one of the better uses for the typeout frame.


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