[slime-devel] Some xemacs issues/fixes

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Fri Aug 14 12:16:30 UTC 2009

* Raymond Toy [2009-08-14 03:27+0200] writes:

> One long standing bug is that xemacs' goto-char doesn't like nil.  This
> shows up with C-x C-k and there are no warnings or errors.  I get an
> error about nil not being an integer or marker.  It comes from
> slime-find-note, in the loop that runs (goto-char (funcall
> next-candidate-fn (point) 'slime-note).  I changed that so goto-char
> isn't called if funcall returns nil.  This gets rid of the warning.

goto-char wouldn't work with nil in Emacs either.  It could be that our
emulation for next-single-char-property-change returns nil but judging
from the code that doesn't seem possible.  Can you give a recipe to
reproduce the bug?  C-c C-k without warnings seems to work here.

[There is some problem with M-n/M-p because XEmacs seems to forget to
sync buffer point and window point when temporarily selecting a
different window.]

> I also noticed that slime-autodoc makes post-command-hook a buffer-local
> hook.  It might be a bug in xemacs but the post-command-hook becomes
> (slime-post-command-hook t).  I think that "t" causes problems.
> Manually removing it makes it work much better.
> However, my default post-command-hook value is '(paren-highlight), so
> when it's made buffer-local, I lose the paren-highlighting.  This used
> to work fine with slime from 2008-11-23 or so.
> Is there something I can do to make paren-highlight still used?  I
> really miss the paren highlighting.

Does slime-autodoc anything sensible in XEmacs?  Here in XEmacs 21.4 it
only prints messages about Elisp functions.


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