[slime-devel] Problem with truncation of strings in debugger

Jeff Workman jeff.workman at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 23:14:42 UTC 2008

When I evaluate (format t "~A" (some-str-function)) on a longish string
in debugger with E, the string is printed truncated, which seems like
the wrong behavior to me.

Also, surprisingly when I evaluate (setf *str* (some-str-function)) from
debugger, the string stored in *str* is truncated as well.

That suggests to me that the debugger is modifying the behavior of
(format nil ...) or other functions I use in constructing strings used
internally in my program, which would obviously be very bad and could
interfere with operation of the program.

I'm using SBCL 1.0.20 on Linux (and cvs slime) btw.

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