[slime-devel] Re: [Re: SLIME manual fixes]

Zach Beane xach at xach.com
Wed Jan 24 02:32:30 UTC 2007

Jeffrey Cunningham <jeffrey at cunningham.net> writes:

> Not at all. You see I've got a slight problem. My C-h key was bound to
> backspace on the emacs system I learned on years ago, so I never learned the above key-bindings. 
> And after reading a couple recent threads where its usefulness has
> appeared manifest, I've been stewing about what to do. Unlearn one and
> learn the others? Are there other commonly used alternatives?
> I don't want to do it wrong twice.

I used Emacs for many years before I properly configured C-h. I'm glad
I finally went through the trouble of setting it up to work in X, via
terminals, etc, because it makes accessing all the help-system
features much easier. I can't do without C-h today.


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