[slime-devel] macroexpand window

Giorgos Pontikakis gnp at freemail.gr
Mon Nov 13 15:49:30 UTC 2006

Hello all,

I have just upgraded slime to the current version from cvs and I have
the following questions:

1. In emacs, let's say I have two open windows in the same frame. The
   first is the REPL and the second some lisp file. When I macroexpand
   an expression with C-c RET, say from the REPL, the result of the
   macroexpansion appears in the window with the lisp file. Up to
   here, fine, but, when I press `q' to close the macroexpansion, the
   window where it appeared is deleted (in my example only the REPL
   remains). In previous versions, the window remained intact and its
   former contents appeared again.

   I find that the old behaviour was much more convenient. I think the
   current behaviour is expected only if there is only one window
   originally and the macroexpansion itself causes the second window
   to open.

   So, is it a bug or is it intentional? If the latter is true, is
   there a simple way for me to revert the old behaviour (I suppose
   changing something in slime.el or what?)

2. I recently read in this list about some fuzzy completion patches. I
   thought that those just added new behaviour and I could use the old
   behaviour. But either I got a false impression or I cannot find the
   correct settings. Again, how can I revert to the old behaviour?

If this matters, I use GNU Emacs on linux, with SBCL 0.9.12

Thanks in advance,

-- Giorgos

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