[slime-devel] sldb-sexp-highlight-mode

Taylor R Campbell campbell at mumble.net
Fri Nov 3 19:00:25 UTC 2006

   Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 16:21:30 +0100
   From: "Attila Lendvai" <attila.lendvai at gmail.com>

   > sldb-highlight-sexp is currently broken in Emacs because paren-mode is
   > XEmacs specific.  Does somebody care about sldb-sexp-highlight-mode?
   > Otherwise I'm going to delete it and restore the old code.

   it's just been added by me. (it's not xemacs dependent but paredit dependent
   that i didn't notice due to my shared init.el file).

Just to clarify, paredit has nothing to do with `paren-mode', the
latter of which I know nothing about (an XEmacsism?).  I don't think
any of the patches involved actually mistakenly do anything with
paredit, but the commentary is slightly confused/confusing.

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