[slime-devel] BREAK in Lisp-mode buffers with OpenMCL

graham at gorgeous.org graham at gorgeous.org
Sat Jun 24 18:33:08 UTC 2006


When I call BREAK in a Lisp-mode buffer using OpenMCL, I don't get the
Slime debugger.  Instead I get OpenMCL's own debugger, which looks
like this:

  ;;;; (break) ...
  > Break in process worker(7): 
  > While executing: "Unknown"
  > Type :GO to continue, :POP to abort.
  > If continued: Return from BREAK.
  Type :? for other options.
  1 > 

If I do the same thing from the REPL, I get the Slime debugger.  I
think I should get the Slime debugger in Lisp-mode as well.  Obviously
calling BREAK directly is not very useful, but when I insert
breakpoints in functions by means of calls to BREAK I get the same
behaviour.  The behaviour depends on where the function is called, not
on where it was compiled.

I'm using OpenMCL Version 1.0 (DarwinPPC32) and recent CVS Slime and
GNU Emacs.  Emacs was started with emacs -q so I don't think there's
anything funny in my setup.


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