[slime-devel] connecting multiple users to one lisp process

Joe Corneli jcorneli at planetmath.org
Sat Jun 24 20:39:16 UTC 2006

   SLIME could be useful if you want to use Emacs and Emacs Lisp for the

Luckily, I already have an Emacs Lisp frontend :).

   SLIME also supports multiple connections to the same Lisp process,
   but that's not very well tested.  (swank:create-server has
   :dont-close argument for this purpose.)

OK, I'll take a look at that.  Any other advice from people who have
already tried this would be appreciated.

   Of course, implementing your own protocol/server (instead of using
   SLIME) has also some advantages:
   A good strategy might be to use SLIME as front-end until some key
   parts of your application work.  Then you can decide whether you need
   your own protocol/server for the communication with the font-end.

Yeah, that seems reasonable.

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