[slime-devel] slime/clisp freezes a fresh xemacs

Helmut Eller e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at
Sat Feb 7 13:33:19 UTC 2004

Peter Mechlenborg <metch at daimi.au.dk> writes:

> compilation aborted because of input error:
>   READ failure in COMPILE-FILE:
>     READER-ERROR at 3154 (line 100, column 19) on #<FILE-STREAM
>                                                     for "file
> \"/home/goblin/lisp/libraries/slime/swank-sbcl.lisp\""
>                                                     {9BE2241}>:
> Symbol "FCNTL" not found in the SB-POSIX package.

[This is unrelated to the CLISP problem.]

SLIME uses fcntl(2) to enable SIGIO for the socket.  The binding for
fcntl is only available in newer SBCL versions ( and above).

I patched SLIME to use our own version of fcntl if the function
doesn't exist it the sb-posix package.  The CVS version of SLIME
should now work with not so new SBCL versions, at least on Linux.


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