[slime-devel] Re: More SLIME wish items

Raymond Toy rtoy at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 30 00:46:09 UTC 2003

Luke Gorrie wrote:
> Have you tried it? e.g. "C-c : (/ 1 0) RET" in a lisp-mode
> buffer. There's a little glitch under XEmacs currently where you need
> to press RET on the '--more--' line to get the rest of the backtrace -
> in GNU you only have to move the point there.

Ahh, this is cool.  Don't have the fancy colorization though.  Maybe 
because I have my font-lock stuff set to be just fonts instead of colors?

> You could use this code for more-or-less what you want in inf-lisp:
>   (defun inferior-slime-delete-char (arg)
>     "Delete ARG characters, or invoke ABORT restart if at end of buffer."
>     (interactive "p")
>     (if (not (eobp))
>         (call-interactively 'delete-char (list arg))
>       (message "Invoking ABORT restart.")
>       (comint-send-string (get-buffer-process (current-buffer))
>                           "ABORT\n")))
>   (define-key inferior-slime-mode-map "\C-d" 'inferior-slime-delete-char)
> Trouble is that then ^D will evaluate "ABORT" if you're not already in
> the debugger. ILISP handles this better somehow.

This works very, very nicely!  Thanks!  And the easiest workaround is to 
use :ABORT instead of ABORT, so no gratuitous errors if at top-level.  I 
think, but I'm not sure, that ilisp looks at the prompt.  I know, 
thought, that ilisp looks at lisp prints out about restarts to figure 
which restart to use.  There's a bug in ilisp about this too.

> What we really want is for you to use our fancy graphical debugger
> instead. It might be practical to make that usable in *inferior-lisp*,
Yeah, but I find I still type things in directly to the listener.  If 
you have a listener in elisp, that would be ok.
> but I think the way forward is to write our own listener in Elisp that
> talks to Lisp through the socket. We should still support
> *inferior-lisp* as well as we reasonably can, and perhaps do a few
> more hacks to keep things usable before writing our listener :-)

I really appreciate your help in all this.  I'm now just about ready to 
start using SLIME instead of ILISP now.  :-)


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