[slime-devel] slime-quit errors

Paolo Amoroso amoroso at mclink.it
Sat Oct 25 16:38:08 UTC 2003

When I issue the `slime-quit' command (bound to C-c ESC g) from
*inferior-lisp*, I usually get this error in the minibuffer:

  Symbol's function definition is void: pp-to-string

One time I got this in *inferior-lisp*:

  * ;; Connection to Emacs lost.
  ;; [End-of-File on #<Stream for descriptor 6>]

and this in a separate buffer:

  You have encountered a bug in SLIME.

  The communication state machine received an event that was illegal for
  its current state, which means that the communication between Emacs
  and Lisp has lost synchronization. The connection to Lisp has
  therefore been closed.

  You can open a fresh connection with `M-x slime'.

  Please report this problem to your friendly neighbourhood SLIME
  hacker, or the mailing list at slime-devel at common-lisp.net. Please
  include in your report:

    A description of what you were doing when the problem occured,
    the version of SLIME, Emacs, and Lisp that you are using,
    the Lisp backtrace, if one was printed,
    and the information printed below:

  The event was:

  The state stack was:

I can't remember exactly what I was doing, but I was evaluating very
simple forms and checking a few SLIME commands such as
`lisp-describe-sym'. Previously, I had exited a SLIME session with
`(quit)' *inferior-lisp*, and then started a new one with `M-x slime'.

My setup is: Debian Woody, GNU Emacs 20.7, CMUCL 18e and SLIME CVS
sources updated half a dozen hours ago.

Paolo Amoroso <amoroso at mclink.it>

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