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Yay history train.

Been programming lisp languages since my enlightenment in the 90's and
spend 8 years in a startup that was based on Common Lisp and Clojure that
sadly disintegrated with the untimely death of my co-founder. Since then
I've stopped using Federal Reserve Notes, AKA the petro-dollar, on
principal, (< $100 month) and am attempting to build a life of pure
reciprocity in a small Montana town. Gardens, orchards, goats, oh my. I
spend most of my mornings, before sunrise, coding in a lisp based language
attempting to build community support software and continuing on the
life-long learning journey that is being a computer programmer.


On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 2:51 PM Kevin Layer <layer at franz.com> wrote:

> OK, jumping on the history train here...
> My lisp journey started in a CS class at UC Berkeley taught by
> Professor Richard Fateman (of Macsyma and Maxima fame).  I volunteered
> on the first day to fix the lisp system (nil wasn't evaluating to nil,
> but generating an error).  It was Harvard Lisp and it ran on a PDP 11
> I think.  It was written in assembler and had comments about class
> assignments.  Fateman hired me after that class and I worked for him
> on Franz Lisp.  First task was to port Liszt (the compiler) from the
> VAX to the Motorola 68000.  The machine was in a closet and was bigger
> than a fridge.  We got an early Sun workstation and I ported to that,
> too.  4MB of RAM was the same as the VAXen we had.
> I helped found Franz, Inc (with 4 others) in 1984 and have been here
> ever since.  I manage the Lisp group, do release management for
> Allegro CL, as well as lots of other things.
> Kevin
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