Daniel danielp at telus.net
Sun May 10 00:54:29 UTC 2020

As with many others here, I previously used Common Lisp for daily work, 
mostly at startups-- spanning 2005-2012 with spurts over 2015-2018 and 
some Erlang & Scheme in between.  I had since moved mostly to Rust 
exclusively with some Python work last autumn and again starting last 
week with Clojure to be in the mix soon.

For something in between CL and Rust, I started looking at Carp but 
haven't committed.  Somewhere under https://github.com/carp-lang/Carp it 
says "Carp borrows its looks from Clojure but the runtime semantics are 
much closer to those of ML or Rust."

I've met some of you at the Lisp 50 Birthday Party in Nashville.  At the 
time, I was there from Seattle.  After a brief tour of duty in San 
Francisco, I'm now in Vancouver and always open to meeting for 

  -Daniel Pezely

first name at last name dot com

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