[munich-lisp] Re: Room for next Meeting

Jim Newton jimka at rdrop.com
Sun Jan 16 13:26:58 UTC 2005

Does anyone have a strong preference about whether we try
to have such meetings on a week night or during the day
on the weekend.  The Amsterdam and Hamburg meetings are
normally on sunday afternoon.   I'm fairly flexible either
way.  Does anyone else have a strong opinion?


Alexander Burger wrote:
> Hi everybody,
>>Does everyone think that the 8th of February 2005 (tuesday)
>>at 19h00 (7pm) is a good day and time for the next munich
>>lisp users group?
> Speaking for myself, the _day_ (Tuesday 8th) is fine. But as Juan seems
> to prefer some date in the middle of February this also would be no
> problem for me.
> However, I'll have to get to Muenchen Central Station till 23:00
> (latest), so I have two questions:
> - Would it make sense to start a little earlier (e.g. 18:00)?
> - Is there a feasible way to go back to Central Station? E.g. does
>   anybody have some information about how long it takes to get there
>   with Bus 1[54] and/or tram 17?
>   The busses seem to to to the north of Munich, and I cannot find any
>   info about tram 17.
> As the the Cliki page is currently not editable, I'd like you to take
> note that the URL's are a little de-calibrated. To check out about Pico
> Lisp, please go to the "Pico Lisp download page"
>    http://www.software-lab.de/down.html
> and look at the README and the FAQ, and perhaps the tutorial if you
> like.
> Cheers,
> - Alex
>    Alexander Burger
>    Software Lab. / 7fach GmbH
>    Bahnhofstr. 24a, D-86462 Langweid
>    abu at software-lab.de, http://www.software-lab.de, +49 821 9907090
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