[munich-lisp] Re: Room for next Meeting

Alexander Burger abu at software-lab.de
Sun Jan 16 07:34:03 UTC 2005

Hi everybody,

> Does everyone think that the 8th of February 2005 (tuesday)
> at 19h00 (7pm) is a good day and time for the next munich
> lisp users group?

Speaking for myself, the _day_ (Tuesday 8th) is fine. But as Juan seems
to prefer some date in the middle of February this also would be no
problem for me.

However, I'll have to get to Muenchen Central Station till 23:00
(latest), so I have two questions:

- Would it make sense to start a little earlier (e.g. 18:00)?

- Is there a feasible way to go back to Central Station? E.g. does
  anybody have some information about how long it takes to get there
  with Bus 1[54] and/or tram 17?

  The busses seem to to to the north of Munich, and I cannot find any
  info about tram 17.

As the the Cliki page is currently not editable, I'd like you to take
note that the URL's are a little de-calibrated. To check out about Pico
Lisp, please go to the "Pico Lisp download page"


and look at the README and the FAQ, and perhaps the tutorial if you

- Alex

   Alexander Burger
   Software Lab. / 7fach GmbH
   Bahnhofstr. 24a, D-86462 Langweid
   abu at software-lab.de, http://www.software-lab.de, +49 821 9907090

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