[movitz-devel] What's up?

Aleksandar Bakic a_bakic at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 2 21:23:29 UTC 2004

> I'd be interested to hear about
> experiences with getting Movitz up and running and any plans for
> using/developing it. I mean, are everyone just here to keep half an
> eye on things, are you unable to navigate the pile of code to make
> sense of anything, or what?


I saw it booting under Bochs and I played with it just a little bit. I looked
at the source files, too. First of all, I may need to refresh my memory wrt.
x86 assembly. Are there some good on-line/downloadable references? Next, I
wonder what kinds of MoKAs (besides the mentioned 3D/AI OS) might be killer
KAs. I assume it would not be trivial to reuse the code and have Movitz run on
a non-x86 device (something like uClinux). I need to take a deeper look into
the compiler code and see if I could contribute in the foreseeable future. I
hope to find structure in there besides the documented protocol. BTW, what is
the status of the CMUCL port?

> Myself, I'm trying to concentrate on getting a PhD shipped rather
> soonish, and part of that is trying to figure out GC.

A GC is probably the first thing needed; it is good that you are working on it.
Do you have a relatively detailed plan, i.e., a list of things you would like
to see done sooner rather than later? Perhaps you could drive us (and,
indirectly, help us learn faster) by throwing in smaller contribution projects
(unless I failed to see something like this in the documentation).


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