[mcclim-devel] Official repository lagging?

Manuel Giraud manuel at ledu-giraud.fr
Fri Aug 24 08:31:12 UTC 2012

Hi mcclimers,

I wanted to (re)try to do some hacking on mcclim. So I have checkout the
official CVS repository (from which the quicklisp package seems to be
made of) and (slowly) start working on it.

Then it occured to me there are many public fork of mcclim on github,
for instance:

All of them were active in the last 4 months and have their own set of
improvements while the official CVS last patch dates back to july 2011.

So my question is, can someone with enough credential collects (and
maybe selects) those patches and apply them to the official repository?
(I know I can 'git clone' one of those repo, cherry pick what I want and
add my patches but then it will be yet another unofficial repo).

Manuel Giraud

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