SV: [mcclim-devel] Problems getting "format-graph-from-roots" to work...

Robert Strandh strandh at
Tue Feb 7 18:29:34 UTC 2006

Peter Braroe writes:
 > what is everyone else doing out there with clim?

My main project at the moment (and also the reason I started writing
McCLIM) is Gsharp, an interactive editor for music scores. 

There is also a long-term project to create an IDE for Lisp.
The best approximation so far is the CLIM Desktop, containing Climacs
(editor), Closure (browser), Clouseau (inspector), Beirc (IRC client),
the CLIM Listener, a CLIM-based rudimentary debugger pane, etc. 

I have also written some minor applications like a GF front browser, a
calendar program, and more.

Robert Strandh

Greenspun's Tenth Rule of Programming: any sufficiently complicated C
or Fortran program contains an ad hoc informally-specified bug-ridden
slow implementation of half of Common Lisp.

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