SV: [mcclim-devel] Problems getting "format-graph-from-roots" to work...

Peter Braroe peter.braroe at
Tue Feb 7 14:37:29 UTC 2006

Hello again!

>It's a pretty easy fix of just turning a single root
>into a list and then calling format-graph-from-roots,

What is the most elegant lispe method for this? Could one make it a macro?
Examples? Or would it be better to fix it in the CLIM as a patch?

Well it sure would help a novice like me with an error! Saves a lot of head

It's hard to know what is OK to do and what is not OK. Since I am planning
to do a lot of tree graphs I expect I will find out what is doable and what
is not... When I am done exploring I could make a new and
perhaps it could go into /Examples? Who would I send that too?

Things I would like to do are:
 - Color coded trees
 - Scaling (resize of window event re-scales trees)
 - Hardcopy (to postscript)

And more...

I am pretty new to both LISP and CLIM but am having a lot of fun with it
despite the odd frustration here and there. I am using it for some NLP
research what is everyone else doing out there with clim?




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Ämne: [mcclim-devel] Problems getting "format-graph-from-roots" to work...

>>>>> "PB" == Peter Braroe <peter.braroe at> writes:

    PB> Hello all! 
    PB> I have gotten slightly further in my ambition to make a clim program
    PB> draw tree diagrams. After looking at various examples I have put
    PB> together a little program that gives the error below. 

    PB> No matching method for the generic function
    PB> when
    PB> called with arguments
    PB> 0.0d0:0.0d0
    PB>    {59D5278D}>
    PB>    [Condition of type PCL::NO-APPLICABLE-METHOD-ERROR]

The problem arises because DIGRAPH layout has not been implemented in
McCLIM.  Tree layout is all that has been done.  Until such a time as
this has been fixed, we should probably change format-graph-from-roots
to toss an error if it is called with an unsupported layout method.

I see from your example code that you're trying to draw a tree.  Give
tree as layout method and I believe you'll be ok.


    PB> Also my clim package 0.9.1 does not seem to have
    PB> "format-graph-from-root" (singular) only the
    PB> is this because the one root only version is not implemented? Does
    PB> anyone know?

Hm.  I know that I reported this earlier.  I guess we never got around
to fixing it.  It's a pretty easy fix of just turning a single root
into a list and then calling format-graph-from-roots, IIRC.


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