SV: [mcclim-devel] Problems getting "format-graph-from-roots" to work...

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at
Tue Feb 7 15:43:30 UTC 2006

>>>>> "PB" == Peter Braroe <peter.braroe at> writes:

    PB> Hello again!
    PB> FIX
    >> It's a pretty easy fix of just turning a single root
    >> into a list and then calling format-graph-from-roots,

    PB> What is the most elegant lispe method for this? Could one make it a macro?
    PB> Examples? Or would it be better to fix it in the CLIM as a patch?

    PB> ERROR!
    PB> Well it sure would help a novice like me with an error! Saves a lot of head
    PB> scratching... 

I believe that the following would do the job:

(defun format-graph-from-root (root-object &rest other-args)
  (apply #'format-graph-from-roots (list root-object) other-args))

...but I confess to not having tested it.  I don't have a test case
handy.  Give it a whirl (note that you'll have to do this in some
package where format-graph-from-roots is visible, or modify the above
to clim:format-graph-from-roots.

If it works properly and I haven't committed some horrible solecism (I
didn't look at the standard for the proper definition of
format-graph-from-root), then perhaps we could put it into McCLIM.

Hope that is helpful,

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