[elephant-devel] Testing

franks-muc at web.de franks-muc at web.de
Wed Jan 24 00:48:36 UTC 2007

I tried the new elephant on winXP. 

1. Allegro8 trial: 

Error: In :IMPORT list, the symbol "ARRAY-TYPE-FROM-BYTE" not found in package #<The ELEPHANT package>
[condition type: PACKAGE-ERROR]

when loading 

2. LispWorks 5 pro

in file memutil.lisp

This creates an error:

(def-foreign-type array-or-pointer-char
      #+allegro (:array :char)
      #+(or cmu sbcl scl openmcl) (* :char))

changed 2nd line to:
      #+(or allegro lispworks) (:array :char)
don't know whether it is the correct selection


Compilation aborted due to error between functions:
  Package SB-KERNEL not found.

when compiling this: 
;; A non-back-compatible change was made in SBCL 8 moving to SBCL 9,
;; in that the function copy-from-system-area disappeared.
;; This code is an attempt to allow compilation under bothe SBCL 8 and SBCL 9.
;; Thanks to Juho Snellman for this idiom.
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel)
  (defun new-style-copy-p ()
    (if (find-symbol "COPY-UB8-FROM-SYSTEM-AREA" "SB-KERNEL") 

I then commented out all forms depending on
;#+#.(elephant-memutil::new-style-copy-p) and 

in file package lisp

Compilation aborted due to error between functions:
  Duplicated names in "ELEPHANT" defpackage: "ELE".

I replaced 
 (:nicknames ele :ele)
 (:nicknames :ele)
In file metaclasses.lisp 

  Defining function :DBCN-SPC-PST visible from package KEYWORD.

The accessor function stars with colon. I deleted the colon.

In file classes.lisp


No idea what to do. 

3. I was able to use elephant 6.0 with ACL 7 trial

wherein I used cygwin to produce the dll s, and I copied the dll, with a newer date than the source, into the 
directory with binaries to prevent recompilation started with run-shell-command from asdf, which does not seem 
to work on windows. 

This is the script for libmemutil.dll:

gcc -mno-cygwin -mwindows -std=c99 -c libmemutil.c
dlltool -z libmeutil.def --export-all-symbols -e exports.o -l libmemutil.lib libmemutil.o
gcc -shared -mno-cygwin -mwindows libmemutil.o exports.o -o libmemutil.dll

And this is the script for libsleepycat.dll:

gcc -mno-cygwin -mwindows -c -Wall -std=c99 -L/c/DB/Berkeley\ DB\ 4.4.20/lib/ -I/c/DB/Berkeley\ DB\ 4.4.20/include/ libsleepycat.c
dlltool -z libsleepycat.def --export-all-symbols -e exports.o -l libsleepycat.lib libsleepycat.o
gcc -shared -mno-cygwin -mwindows -L/c/DB/Berkeley\ DB\ 4.4.20/bin/ -llibdb44 libsleepycat.o exports.o -o libsleepycat.dll

(I don't know how to use variables in shell scripts)

4. I will try again 

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