[elephant-devel] Testing

Pierre THIERRY nowhere.man at levallois.eu.org
Tue Jan 23 17:25:42 UTC 2007

Scribit Ian Eslick dies 22/01/2007 hora 18:37:
> - Most changes I just made are subsumed by testing the existing
> regressions on different platforms, such as running the regression on
> 64-bit machines with a 64-bit lisp.

I'll run the tests under Debian Etch on an amd64. The same box is
running in 32-bit Windows XP, and I have SBCL 1.0 and the last
evaluation version of Lispworks, so i'll try to help making it work
under Windows.

FWIW, I will probably need Windows support, as I'll deploy applications
on Windows systems in the near future, for my customers. And Elephant is
a bliss when it comes to store a complex graph of objects. :-)

> - Thread safety:  any suggestions on how to do this?  I haven't done
> any formal multi-threaded software engineering, so am unfamiliar with
> the current state of the art in testing these systems (other than
> formally).

I can at least give a test that used to fail for me without the locking
patch I just sent: get Elephant to be called by a multi-threaded web
server like Araneida or Hunchentoot and stuff the server with parallel
requests fast (I used Apache's benchmarking tool).

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