[elephant-devel] Testing

Ian Eslick eslick at csail.mit.edu
Mon Jan 22 23:37:42 UTC 2007

Test coverage issues:

- Most changes I just made are subsumed by testing the existing  
regressions on different platforms, such as running the regression on  
64-bit machines with a 64-bit lisp.

- An 0.6.0 DB to 0.6.1 DB migration test (to be added) will validate  
the new multiple-serializer interface as well as migration support.

- Unicode support: we need a test that generates UTF-16 and UTF-32  
strings on platforms that support them and ensures that they are  
properly translated (only SBCL supports UTF-32 at present, correct?)

- Thread safety:  any suggestions on how to do this?  I haven't done  
any formal multi-threaded software engineering, so am unfamiliar with  
the current state of the art in testing these systems (other than  

- A non-automated test that different lisps can connect to the same  
database on the same machine successfully.  A test that writes a DB  
and another one that opens and validates the data should be a nice  
sanity check of this.  This may even work across machine  
architectures, but I haven't thought through how machine endianness  
will effect this.


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