Script to build ECL for iOS using XCode 10 tools?

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So, ECL starts up without problems now, but there is an (apparently)
known issue with GC. The app crashes, seemingly during the first cycle
of GC, see attached backtrace.

But I noticed these lines in the 'ecl-android' project (github) of
old, which has also an 'iOS' directory with an example app. There you
find these lines before 'cl_boot':

  int argc = 1;
  char *argv[256];
  argv[0] = "ecl";
  GC_register_my_thread((const struct GC_stack_base *)argv);
  GC_stackbottom = (char*)(argv+255); // corrected to 'char*' (was: 'void*')
  setenv("ECLDIR", "", 1);
  cl_boot(argc, argv);

Now, if I put the above lines before 'cl_boot', the app works.

Does anybody know why this is needed, and what it is doing? Because if
my Lisp app grows (I tried to include :cl-ppcre), then the app crashes
again, despite the above hack (and with the same backtrace of the

Of course I already tried bigger vector sizes (up to 8192) instead of
256, but that doesn't solve it.

What else could I try?


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