Script to build ECL for iOS using XCode 10 tools?

PR polos.ruetz at
Thu Sep 26 08:47:35 UTC 2019

On 9/25/19, PR <polos.ruetz at> wrote:
> Does anybody know why this is needed, and what it is doing? Because if
> my Lisp app grows (I tried to include :cl-ppcre), then the app crashes
> again, despite the above hack (and with the same backtrace of the
> attachment).

Answering myself both questions: for the GC issue, I found this thread
from 2010:

The solution to the other problem (crash if initial Lisp library is
big): well, the most obvious thing to do seems to just make a smaller
initial library, and loading the other parts later on. If that still
will cause me problems, I'll let you know.


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