Anton Vodonosov avodonosov at yandex.ru
Tue Feb 16 19:59:31 UTC 2016

16.02.2016, 18:30, "Daniel Kochmański" <daniel at turtleware.eu>:
> Is there a way to pick the results if the commit and version name were
> the same? I've re-run the tests on my localhost machine, but the
> generated report uses results from the previous run. If not, I'll re-run
> the tests with the dummy -rc4 tag..

I've just filtered out old results by their test-run-time:

I took the value of timestamp in the notification email:

The resulting report:

BTW, new results were only submitted for lisp-to-c compiler.

I did one change in the report: new ECL version - RC3 - is on the right hand side.
This is the usual way, but in the previous report I mistakenly did it other way around.

Let me know how can I help.

Best regards,
- Anton

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