Daniel Kochmański daniel at turtleware.eu
Tue Feb 16 20:11:39 UTC 2016

OK, thanks. I think I have something wrong with my setup because I can't
load the crashed packages even from SBCL or CCL (problems with
hu.dwim.*). I'll create a fresh user account, download testgrid and run
it (with a new rc tag), I hope it will work OK...


Anton Vodonosov writes:

> 16.02.2016, 18:30, "Daniel Kochmański" <daniel at turtleware.eu>:
>> Is there a way to pick the results if the commit and version name were
>> the same? I've re-run the tests on my localhost machine, but the
>> generated report uses results from the previous run. If not, I'll re-run
>> the tests with the dummy -rc4 tag..
> I've just filtered out old results by their test-run-time:
> https://github.com/cl-test-grid/cl-test-grid-work/blob/e44d78215d6e90297cd9cf8defa21e3100d12fe7/ecl-reports4.lisp#L206
> I took the value of timestamp in the notification email:
> https://groups.google.com/d/msg/cl-test-grid-notifications/qlDB70TaSQo/L7sDGkwVAwAJ
> The resulting report:
> https://common-lisp.net/project/cl-test-grid/ecl/ecl-diff-16.1.2-rc3-lin-x64-lisp-to-c.html
> BTW, new results were only submitted for lisp-to-c compiler.
> I did one change in the report: new ECL version - RC3 - is on the right hand side.
> This is the usual way, but in the previous report I mistakenly did it other way around.
> Let me know how can I help.
> Best regards,
> - Anton

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