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Anton Vodonosov avodonosov at yandex.ru
Tue Mar 3 03:48:09 UTC 2015

I have tested 15.3.7-rc1 with cl-test-grid - 
no regressions comparing to 15.2.21.

I also reviewed the regressions comparing to the old release
13.5.1 I reported earlier. Only two deserve investigation
as real regressions:

1. (ql:quickload :lapack) fails on the recent 15.3.7-rc1
   despited worked on 13.5.1

2. (ql:quickload :cl-store-tests) runs test of cl-store system,
   and on 15.3.7-rc1 it has one more test failure than on 13.5.1.
   The failed test is named CIRC.8

Other failures are either not regressions (either can be reproduced
on old release, or not reproduced on the new release; some of them
are probably caused by external factors, e.g. the URLS accessed by
testsuites like trivial-http).

For the record, the current reports:

Best regards,
- Anton

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