[Ecls-list] Maintainer status update

Daniel Herring dherring at tentpost.com
Sun Feb 23 04:51:41 UTC 2014

On Sat, 22 Feb 2014, Philipp Marek wrote:

> I might change my/the main repository over to github, though - it's much easier to
> accept pull requests there than to import patches from emails.
> Or are there any better ideas?

Hi Philip,

Thanks for lending a hand.  Its nice seeing bugfixes get committed.

Please don't switch to Github simply for pull requests.  Stability is 
important for a project like this, and Github has a tendency to encourage 
fragmentation...  It gets bothersome tracking repository moves.  If you do 
start accepting pull requests over there, I would ask that you keep the SF 
repository up to date as the "primary" master.

Are these emailed patches using git format-commit and git-am?  If not, 
then maybe encouraging their use would help you.


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