[Ecls-list] Maintainer status update

Philipp Marek philipp at marek.priv.at
Sat Feb 22 10:07:29 UTC 2014

Hello Daniel,

> It is nearly six months since Juanjo announced that he was stepping down
> as ECL's project lead (Oct 7).  In the following month, there was a flurry
> of activity and new maintainers were announced, but since then there has
> been near silence.  There is little mailing list or git commit activity.
independently from your question here I asked Juan Jose about commit (and other) rights
on SF, and he was so kind to grant me them.
I already pushed a fix into GIT.

If I find enough time, I'll try to work through the ticket queue, and at least try to
apply any available patches. Any help is welcome, of course!

I might change my/the main repository over to github, though - it's much easier to
accept pull requests there than to import patches from emails.
Or are there any better ideas?



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