[Ecls-list] ecl include and library directories

Nils Bruin nbruin at cecm.sfu.ca
Sun May 22 08:28:35 UTC 2011

I am having some trouble with figuring out the default choices of the 
values of some of the paths used by the ECL compiler.

I have a fairly vanilla install of ecl, where I think that at least the 
relative positions of the installed files concerning ecl are typical. I 

> (translate-logical-pathname "SYS:")
> (require 'cmp)
;;; Loading #P"/mnt/usb1/scratch/nbruin/4.6.2/local/lib/ecl/cmp.fas"
> c::*ecl-library-directory*
> (c::ecl-library-directory)

This indicates that the value of c::*ecl-library-directory* was vetted and 
found correct. This was done by the test:

   (probe-file (merge-pathnames (compile-file-pathname "ecl" :type
                                             #+dlopen :shared-library
                                             #-dlopen :static-library)

which succeeds with


However, if I do

> (setf c::*ecl-library-directory* nil)
> (c::ecl-library-directory)
> c::*ecl-library-directory*

I see the system has cooked up another default, namely the directory for 
which (probe-file "SYS:BUILD-STAMP") succeeds. However, the file libecl.so 
does not reside there!

This means that c::ecl-library-directory, when presented with a value of 
c::*ecl-library-directory* it thinks is invalid, overwrites it with a 
value that is also invalid by its earlier criterion! That's probably not 
as intended.

Shouldn't the value be initialized to the following ?

(namestring (make-pathname :directory (butlast (pathname-directory
                               (translate-logical-pathname "SYS:")))))

A similar story applies to cc:ecl-include-directory:
> (c::ecl-include-directory)

which was approved because the following succeeds:

> (probe-file (merge-pathnames "ecl/config.h" c::*ecl-include-directory*))

Should that fail, then the routine tries if "SYS:" would be a reasonable 
candidate via

> (probe-file "SYS:ecl;config.h")

I don't think that will succeed in any sane installation. The value that 
would probably be OK is "SYS:..;..;include", given that:

> (probe-file "SYS:..;..;include;ecl;config.h")

so probably the thing to try would be:

(namestring (make-pathname :directory (append (butlast (pathname-directory 
(translate-logical-pathname "SYS:")) 2) '("include"))))

Most of this doesn't normally matter because ECL captures reasonable 
default values for *ecl-library-directory* and *ecl-include-directory* at 

However, would you be interested in using reasonable defaults derived from 
runtime information (being "SYS:") instead? It would mean that ECL 
continues to work if its installation is moved after build, as long as the 
relative position of headers and libraries is as usual.

Best wishes,


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