[Ecls-list] Problem when using (compile-mib #P".."): |:-reader|

Philipp Marek philipp at marek.priv.at
Tue Jul 12 13:04:01 UTC 2011

I'm trying to use ECL with CL-NET-SNMP.

The attached script "just works" with SBCL; but with ECL I get this error:

    An error occurred during initialization:
    The readmacro #<compiled-function |:-reader|>
    returned 140342460754664 values..

I tried a few things myself - but these seem to work:
  (with-input-from-string (i ":= ")
    (print (asn.1::|:-reader| i #\:)))
  (with-input-from-string (i "= ")
    (print (asn.1::|:-reader| i #\:)))
  (with-input-from-string (i "- ")
    (print (asn.1::|:-reader| i #\:)))
  (with-input-from-string (i " ")
    (print (asn.1::|:-reader| i #\:)))
  (with-input-from-string (i "b ")
    (print (asn.1::|:-reader| i #\:)))
  (with-input-from-string (i "c ")
    (print (asn.1::|:-reader| i #\:)))

Can somebody help, please?


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