[Ecls-list] ECL compilation under MSVC

Samium Gromoff _deepfire at feelingofgreen.ru
Thu Mar 26 19:26:54 UTC 2009

From: "Procházka Lukáš Ing. - Pontex s. r. o." <LPr at pontex.cz>
To: ecls-list at lists.sourceforge.net
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 10:52:54 +0100

> Hello,
> I am new to ECL.
> I would like to succeed installing and compiling ECL under MSVC.
> I downloaded ecl-8.12.0.tar.gz and unpacked to a directory. I found
> many makefiles, c. files and .d files. But the problem is that I don't
> know which files to include to a VS project. (Makefiles are generaly
> not used under Windows.)

1. You don't need a VS project, even if you want to debug ECL-based

2. `nmake' is part of the MSVC suite, and the msvc subdirectory contains
the makefile which directs the ECL build.

3. The build instructions for win32/MSVC are in the manual:


regards, Samium Gromoff

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