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Hi Lukas, you are probably not subscribed to the ECL mailing list. I
am forwarding your email to it.


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sorry for disturbing you by this e-mail.

Several hour ago, I sent an e-mail to ecls-list at lists.sourceforge.net
(also attached to this e-mail).

I'm logged to SF.net and, since I cannot see the question in the
ecls-list (https://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=ecls-list),
I'm not sure I sent the question to the right address.

So - did I post the question to the right e-mail? Usually how long
does it take to display the question? Is the mail validated by someone
to remove spam and other unwanted mail?

Thank you.



Ing. Lukáš Procházka [LPr at pontex.cz]
Pontex s. r. o.      [www.pontex.cz] [pontex at pontex.cz]
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From: "\"Procházka Lukáš Ing. - Pontex s. r. o.\"" <LPr at pontex.cz>
To: ecls-list at lists.sourceforge.net
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 10:52:54 +0100
Subject: ECL compilation under MSVC

I am new to ECL.

I would like to succeed installing and compiling ECL under MSVC.

I downloaded ecl-8.12.0.tar.gz and unpacked to a directory. I found
many makefiles, c. files and .d files. But the problem is that I don't
know which files to include to a VS project. (Makefiles are generaly
not used under Windows.)

I also found the msvc directory, which seems to be targeted to MSVC.
But the only VS (project solution) file I found is in
msvc\gmp\build.vc8\gmp.sln cannot be loaded successfully in any VS
mentioned bellow. (See UpdareLog.xml to see conversion error details.)

The question is:

- Which is the most appropriate directory to compile ECL? - As
msvc\gmp\build.vc8 is too "digged", I'm not sure if it is intended to
include files from parent dirs.

- If anybody created and successfully compiled the ECL project under
MSVC (of whatever version), would it be possible to place the whole
[cleaned] project (including .vcproj, .sln etc.) to a web site to be

- - Or would anyone send me such a project(s) by e-mail?

I'm also confused by file extension - does the ECL use .d files, i.e.
the D programming language? So is the project fully compilable by

Wider circumstances:

I develop a specialised program for our company and I gladly involve a
Common Lisp programming language into source files for that program.

My intention is the way like php-code is used in html or TCL is used
in similar situations. E.g. to define CL function "echo" which would
pass its argument to the main program "reader", e.i. if I use (echo
"aaa") in the source file, then string "aaa" will be passed to the
main program.

I posted such a question to CL forum and I was given advice to try ECL.

WinXP, MSVC compiler VC++ 6.0 or VC++ .Net (2002) or VS2008 EE
(Express Edition).

Thank you in advance.

Lukas Prochazka


Ing. Lukáš Procházka [LPr at pontex.cz]
Pontex s. r. o.      [www.pontex.cz] [pontex at pontex.cz]
Bezová 1658
147 14 Praha 4

Tel: (+420) 244 06 22 38
Fax: (+420) 244 46 10 38

Instituto de Física Fundamental, CSIC
c/ Serrano, 113b, Madrid 28009 (Spain)

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