[Ecls-list] segfault

Geo Carncross geocar at gmail.com
Fri May 30 00:48:33 UTC 2008

It appears ecl if built with --enable-unicode cannot compile cl-ppcre,
the result looks something like this:

;;; Note: Invoking external command:
;;; gcc -o "/home/geocar/src/ediware/cl-ppcre/util.fas"
-L"/usr/local/lib/" "/home/geocar/src/ediware/ECLINITbztSTQ.o"
"/home/geocar/src/ediware/cl-ppcre/util.o"  -shared    -lecl -lpthread
-ldl  -lm   -lgc -lgmp
;;; Loading "/home/geocar/src/ediware/cl-ppcre/util.fas"
An error occurred during initialization:
Segmentation violation..

Unfortunately, if I build ecl without --enable-unicode, I can't build
current versions of flexi-streams which assumes char-code-limit is
much higher than it is.

Any advice?

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