[Ecls-list] moderize html doco

Dean O'Connor dean.oconnor at ite.com.au
Tue Jan 10 14:31:01 UTC 2006

Firstly, Juanjo's design looks fine. My colours were a bit freaky :)
I would perhaps lighten up the pre blocks background (from that loud 
blue), or even lose background all together. It kinda distracts the 
reader from the rest of the text.
Personally I think the pre block text should just be a different colour 
or shade.

The reason I chose fixed width is because it easier to read the text 
that way.
Have a read of this: http://www.notestips.com/80256B3A007F2692/1/TAIO-5TT34F
It says it better than any dribble I could come up with.

It should not really be about what we "can" do, but what "works" (for 
the reader) I think.
If you choose your text font size's wisely, most readers should not have 
to zoom, except for closer inspection of snippets perhaps.

Anyway, thanks for running with the idea. I think your project will 
benefit from it greatly.


Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll wrote:

>On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 08:20 -0800, Gregory Martin Pfeil wrote:
>>My recommendation would be to forget about putting a width on the  
>>body and do something like:
>>p { max-width: 33em; }
>>This keeps long lines from appearing, and scales well when people  
>>increase the font size. I'd say it's the single most important line  
>>in a style sheet.
>However, it is still a fixed size that does not take the size of the
>browser window into account. I have created a sample stylesheet
>(attached below) and used it to format the ECL documentation. Colors
>have been chosen to match those of the ECL homepage. I like them, but
>for some people they might be too simple.
>html { background: #000; }
>body {
>	width: 80%;
>	margin: 4em 10% 0 10%;
>        line-height: 1.4;
>        padding: 0 2em 1em 2em;
>        font-family: sans-serif;
>	background: #FFF;
>	min-height: 90%;
>h1 { background: #DDD; }
>h2 { background: #DDD; }
>h3 { background: #DDD; }
>body.p { text-align: justify; max-width: 100%; }
>pre {
>        font-family: Fixed, monospace;
>	font-weight: bold;
>	max-width: 100%;
>	background: #11F;
>	color: #FFF;
>	overflow: auto;
>a { color: #000; font-weight: bold; }
>div.node { background: #DDD;
>	position: fixed;
>	top: 0;
>	height: 3em;
>	width: 80%;
>	left: 10%;
>	right: 10%;
>	padding: 0 2em;
>	line-height: 1;
>	font-weight: bold;
>hr { display: none; }

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