[Ecls-list] cl-launch and ECL

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 14:47:52 UTC 2006

Dear ECL hackers,

I got cl-launch to kluge around these pathname bugs in
compile-file-pathname and c::builder by explicitly wrapping calls to
compile-file-pathname around something that systematically uses the .o
suffix when system-p is used (to reflect what c::builder expects), and
calls to c::builder with something that renames the output file if it
differs from what is desired (e.g. does not end in .fas).

I'm proud to announce cl-launch 1.84 as fully supporting ECL, despite
these minor bugs in ECL.


Please fix the bugs so I can clean up the kluges in cl-launch:
(1) c::builder has to accept arbitrary names and not overwrite their
suffix. If the C compiler requires pathnames to have a type that
matches the type of their contents, then either c::builder should
throw an error when given wrong names (and document the fact), or it
should do the right thing through renaming, copying or linking to a
temporary file; same thing with the output.
(2) as per CLHS, compile-file-pathname should accept the very same
lambda-list as compile-file and vice-versa, whatever these arguments
are. This means supporting system-p in the lambda-list as well as all
other compile-file flags. That also means correctly supporting
output-file in the lambda-list, to prevent the same bug as fixed in
SBCL recently.
(3) if c::builder requires suffixes to match as opposed to doing
renamings, compile-file-pathname should do the right thing, i.e.
provide a correct suffix by default, and either force that suffix
(through merge-pathnames) or throw an error if a different suffix was
provided through :output-file.

PS: the debian package also has to be fixed to use the ECL version of
asdf and not loading the compiler with *load-verbose* t. -- Meanwhile
debian cl-launch users have to export ECL=/usr/lib/ecl/ecl-original

Thanks a lot for this fine piece of software!

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