[Ecls-list] cl-launch and ECL

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 01:01:46 UTC 2006

Dear all,

thanks to all of you for your help. I filed a debian bug and am now
using /usr/lib/ecl/ecl-original as my $ECL binary for cl-launch.

However, trying to add image dumping to cl-launch on ECL, I stumbled
upon the following bug, whereby C:BUILD-FASL (traced below as well as
C::BUILDER) seems to compute filenames wrongly:

1> (C:BUILD-FASL "two.core" :LISP-FILES
| 2> (C::BUILDER :FASL "two.core" :LISP-FILES
gcc-4.1: /home/fare/.cache/lisp-fasl/ecl-0.9i-linux-i486/home/fare/fare/lisp/cl-launch/cl-launch.o:
No such file or directory
An error occurred during initialization:
(SYSTEM "/usr/bin/gcc-4.1 -o \"/home/fare/two.fas\"
-L\"/usr/lib/ecl/\" \"/dev/shm/tmp/fare/ECLINITnv04Af.o\"
 -Wl,--rpath,/usr/lib/ecl/ -shared    -lecl -lpthread -ldl  -lm   -lgc
-lgmp") returned non-zero value 1.

As you can see, the target file is two.fas instead of two.core, and
the attempted object file is cl-launch.o instead of cl-launch.fas
(which was successfully compiled previously with compile-file
:system-p t.

Another probably related bug is due to compile-file-pathname not
accepting the :system-p t argument, as it should per the ANSI
specification of compile-file-pathname. This prevents me from
computing a pathname more to the liking of c::builder for the output
of my compile-file.

Note that the last two examples in
seem to be slightly wrong, too

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