[Ecls-list] compilation on MacOS X

bernard tatin bernard.tatin at tele2.fr
Tue Jan 25 13:37:04 UTC 2005

Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll wrote:
> bernard tatin wrote:
> As for the other problems, 1) The sources in SF have this bug: they 
> expect ECL to be compiled using the flag --with-cmuformat. That has been 
> solved in CVS. 2) The test suite has some unbalanced parenthesis in one 
> of the files. Until now ECL did not complain about these stray 
> parenthesis, but this has been changed for greater ANSI compatibility.

Only one unbalanced parenthesis in file ecl_chap14_cons.tst line 270. 
The best is when I do
cd build/tests

I have a lot of *.erg files :
[LeMac:tests] narberd% ls *.erg
alltest.erg         format.erg          number.erg          setf.erg
ecl_chap12_spec.erg loop.erg            path.erg            type.erg

I think there is some job to do with these tests. For example, compare 
my outputs with others. Is it a good idea ?

Tomorrow I will play with configuration options.

> Regards,
> Juanjo
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